About Us

Roasted Brains is a studio specialized into building top quality apps and games for mobile platforms.

When we say top quality it means we are doing mobile applications that feature high quality products, great user engagement, immersive environments and comprehensive customer support & satisfaction. We like to innovate and we’re taking RPG Games and Social Apps to the next step. That’s our commitment. We hope you enjoy our apps!

Roasted Brains studio is based in Timisoara in Romania featuring a team of highly skilled professionals. And we also work with a team of great collaborators around the world. We all share the passion for making good games and great apps while having fun.

Our last release Cartel Reloaded is unlike all other games the iOS AppStore has to offer. It gives you the opportunity to dive into a very social environment with it’s ingame forums and private messaging system. However, for those lone wolves out there who prefer to keep to themselves you won’t be missing out on any of the terrific gameplay aspects The Cartel Reloaded has to offer.

InstaDo, our social dating app on iOS is a great success: breaking in Top 100 Social Networking in multiple countries with an average 5 star rating and more than 50.000 downloads. InstaDo, a beautiful designed app, help users to chat and meet new people through a fun an innovative way. Instead of relying on a matchmaker algorithm, people can invite each other and the app protects your self esteem by doing the match on the softest choice between the two.

We have also released our first game, Prohibition War our  tactical RPG game on iOS set in depression-era, bringing fighting games to the next step of cooperation, where players can participate in Family vs Family fights to control different areas of the Gangster City. We are working hard on the development of next update for Prohibition War, that will improve the social aspects of this great game and which will be available soon on App Store.

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