Get ready for the The Cartel Reloaded as it brings you into the midst of a world where you must fight to stake your claim as a competitive force! Through a realistic in game economy, an in depth PVP fight system, and through claiming and holding properties with your crew/cartel against the onslaught of your enemies.

The Cartel Reloaded is unlike all other games the iOS AppStore has to offer. It gives you the opportunity to dive into a very social environment with it’s ingame forums and private messaging system. However, for those lone wolves out there who prefer to keep to themselves you won’t be missing out on any of the terrific gameplay aspects The Cartel Reloaded has to offer.  For any issue with your account transfer or any other problems don’t hesitate to contact for a quick response.


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Prohibition War is a new MMORPG for iOS that is set in the old era of Prohibition. The game lets players compete over Gangster City, building their own Crew and being part of an already set Family. Prohibition War challenge includes a unique Family Wars element where players can participate in Family vs Family fights to control different areas of the Gangster City which result in bonuses to character stats while the area is controlled.

Prohibition War is a fascinating game, featuring an immersive and rich gameplay designed specifically for iOS devices, and representative graphics for that respective era of Prohibition.



InstaDo gives the opportunity to finally avoid the dead-end dates by allowing users to invite and meet new people near their location. And for a better experience the new app version allows users to browse others pictures as well, Facebook friends or just new people displayed in the search area.

The beautiful design of the app help users to chat and meet new people through a fun an innovative way. Instead of relying on a matchmaker algorithm, people can invite each other, but their exact invitation is never revealed, instead the other one must answer by choosing their option as well. InstaDo protects your self esteem by doing the match on the softest choice between the two. With InstaDo, users must connect with their Facebook account something that greatly reduces the risks involved with inviting and chatting with doubtful and fake accounts.

InstaDo, featured by Apple in What’s Hot section accumulates lots of downloads every day, and the number of matches is higher and higher. Being localized in 12 different languages including Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese the users of InstaDo are located all over the world and the new location feature will open up the way to new matches.


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